Corona - Protective measures

We take the situation seriously. Your health and the health of our staff is important to us. All our Gamemasters are instructed and the following rules apply:

  • Our Gamemasters keep the recommended distance to the players
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory, even during the game
  • Hands are disinfected before and after the game
  • After each game, the rooms, objects, door traps, etc... are disinfected
  • Fresh air is provided in the rooms
  • The waiting areas of the different groups are separated
  • Sick persons are not allowed to enter our rooms
An Escape Game is an indoor activity in which the players solve puzzles in assigned rooms.
The game is played in fixed groups that register together. The groups are never mixed on site and no strangers are admitted to the teams. From the beginning of the game and for the entire duration of the game, the group of players is separated from the others in specially designated rooms and remains only among themselves. This is part of the general basic concept of Escape Games. Playing with us is therefore not dangerous, as close contact with strangers is very unlikely.